Animal Journalism: a program that seeks to make rights visible

In dialogue with LA REPÚBLICA, the creator of Animal Journalism, Laura Lacurcia, said that the idea of ​​creating a program of this nature arose through her activism in defense of animals for approximately 15 years. At that time, she was working as a film operator but, one day, she lost her job and it was there that she had to choose other options within the communication branch. Despite having completed his degree, he confessed that he was never interested in journalism; however, given the circumstances, he began working as a radio correspondent. “When I started working on the radio they told me all the time how I had to do things and I didn’t want to. It was then that I started to think about what things would be needed and the first thing I thought about was the animals, ”he recalled.

In reference to the above, Lacurcia understood that nobody raises the real needs that animals have. As he added, there are “pet” programs that talk about responsible ownership and promote adoptions, but none are about defending all animals or veganism. “For example, I promote veganism since I started with the program as a transformation of my life according to what I offer,” he remarked.


As he indicated, the radio program covers different themes: from animal issues to environmental issues. Also, another very relevant topic is the violence that humans exert on animals. “Animals cannot be treated as things; national and international NGOs have requested that animals be subjects of law under guardianship and that would be the only way to look at them differently ”he understood. In turn, he regretted that those who commit atrocities in their homes with pets are not penalized. “You can kill an animal in your home and nothing happens because the legal system for managing complaints does not work well, it has to improve.”

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To do this, he explained that one of the points that should be introduced in society urgently is education and respect for animals. It is necessary to instill from the foundations that animals have rights, feelings and deserve to live in a dignified way. “Humans must become aware that animals are living beings and that their use and exploitation must end one day,” he said. In addition, he suggested that in Uruguay there is an issue that, despite being an indicator of violence, is ignored. “Animal abuse is an indicator of human abuse. That person who is violent with their pet at home has a 70 percent probability of being violent with a human, “he lamented, adding that” there is a great flaw in the complaints that are made about domestic violence. Nobody analyzes if they really did something prior to the animals and that is something that should be known ”.


“The program arose of its own free will since I noticed the emptiness, silence and lack of interest on the part of communicators and society about exploitation and animal abuse,” he said. Next, she also confessed that she did not know if there would be a program that fights against animal exploitation if she had not done it.

Finally, he added that he has communicated with activists, rescuers, professionals, NGOs, authorities, veterinarians and psychologists throughout all the radio episodes in order to validate and vindicate the rights of those who deserve it. “I think the program would not be possible if it weren’t for my sponsors who trusted me from day one and my father who encouraged me to work on this project.”

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More data:
Those who wish to listen to the program will be able to tune in to the radio FM Ciudadela (88.7) every Tuesday from 6:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. It is live, and the conduction is always by the hand of Laura Lacurcia. The guests vary, there are always specialists from various branches to discuss animal rights and welfare.

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