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gelato pique will release the second “Atsumare Animal Crossing meets GELATO PIQUE”, a collaboration product with the simulation “Atsumare Animal Crossing” for Nintendo Switch, from January 14th. The price starts from 2,420 yen (tax included).

It will be sold at the official Gelato Pique online store, USAGI ONLINE, and some directly managed stores. Some products will also be sold at Nintendo TOKYO and My Nintendo Store.

The collaboration products include room wear designed by the residents who appear in the game, as well as items such as pouches and mugs. Also, if you purchase a collection product, you will receive a “special kabegami” that you can use on your smartphone. The download method is described on the postcard (guidance) distributed at the time of product purchase.

Please note that the number of postcards is limited and will end as soon as they are sold out, and will not be distributed at the EC Mall Rabbit Online. You need to log in with your Nintendo Account (free registration) to download the special Kabegami.

Product line-up

All prices include tax

Tsumame Jaguar Hoodie & Shorts SET (Women’s)

Price: 12,540 yen

Two different character pattern series (ladies) for mint and red

Character pattern shirt: 6,930 yen each
Character pattern long pants: 6,930 yen each

Left: Mint / Right: Red

Character Hoodie & Shorts SET (Women’s)

Price: 12,100 yen each
Color: Off-white / Brown

Crushed jacquard blanket

Price: 6,380 yen

Cushion A / B

Price: 3,740 yen each

Crushed Jaguar Pullover & Long Pants SET

The size of the crushed jacquard pullover & long pants SET is available in ladies’ / men’s / kids / junior sizes.

Ladies: 13,200 yen
Men’s: 14,960 yen
Kids (size: XXS / S): 10,560 yen
Junior (size: 130/140): 10,780 yen (* 1)

* 1 Junior size is sold only at each online store and the following stores

[Gelato Pique store]
Kawagoe Atre Maruhiro Store / Takasaki OPA Store / JR Shizuoka Station Building Parche Store / Korinbo Yamato Store / Oita Tokiha Main Store / Iyotetsu Takashimaya Store

Laforet Harajuku Store / Yokohama Joinus Store / Shinsaibashi Parco Store / Entetsu Department Store / Akita OPA Store

・ Nintendo TOKYO

Other lineup

・ Crushed pattern pullover / 5,940 yen
・ Long pants with crushed pattern / 5,720 yen
・ Mumble pattern dress / 7,480 yen

・[Women’s]crushed room shoes / 3,960 yen
・[Men’s]crushed room shoes / 4,180 yen
・[Women’s]crushed socks / 2,420 yen
・[Men’s]crushed socks / 2,640 yen
・ Character pattern pouch / 3,080 yen
・ Character pattern multi-pouch / 3,740 yen
・ Character pattern tissue pouch / 2,860 yen
・ Crushed pouch / 3,190 yen
・ Mug cup / 2,420 yen

How to sell

online store

Sales start date and time: January 14 (Friday) 12:00

[Product handling]
gelato pique official online store: https://gelatopique.com/20220114
USAGI ONLINE:https://usagi-online.com/s/220106PIQ/
My Nintendo Store:https://store-jp.nintendo.com

* There is a limit to the number of items that can be purchased.
* Please note that if your order is crowded, shipping may be delayed from normal times.
* Products cannot be canceled.

About sales at some stores

Sales start date: January 14th (Friday)

【Ice cream pique】

area Store
Hokkaido area Daimaru Sapporo
Tohoku area Sendai Parco store
Kanto area Shinjuku LUMINE EST store / Shinjuku LUMINE 2 store / Shibuya Hikarie store / Atre Ebisu store / LUMINE Ikebukuro store / SEIBU BEONE store / Tachikawa LUMINE store / Ogikubo LUMINE store / Tamagawa Takashimaya store / Tokyo Daimaru store / Ginza Mitsukoshi store / LUMINE Yurakucho store / Tokyo Soramachi store / Kitasenju LUMINE store / Kashiwa Takashimaya store / Koshiya Lake Town store / LaLaport TOKYO BAY store / LUMINE Omiya 2 store / LUMINE Yokohama store / Kawasaki LAZONA store / Machida LUMINE store / Keikyu Kamiooka store / Kawagoe Atre Maruhiro store / Takasaki OPA store
Chubu area Nagoya Takashimaya / Nagoya Parco Store / Lalaport Togocho / JR Shizuoka Station Building Parche Store / Korinbo Yamato Store / Kanazawa Lint Store / Bandai Billboard Place Store
Kinki area Umeda Hankyu Store / Osaka LUCUA Store / Tennoji Mio Store / LaLaport EXPOCITY Store / Kobe Daimaru Store / Nishinomiya Gardens Store / Piole Himeji Store / Fujii Daimaru Store / Nara Family Store
Chugoku / Shikoku area Hiroshima Parco Store / Okayama Ichibangai Store / Iyotetsu Takashimaya Store
Kyushu area Fukuoka Parco Store / Hakata Amu Plaza Store / Kumamoto Tsuruya Store / Amu Plaza Kagoshima Store / Amu Plaza Miyazaki Store / Oita Tokiha Main Store

Laforet Harajuku Store / Yokohama Joinus Store / Shinsaibashi Parco Store / Entetsu Department Store / Akita OPA Store


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