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119 – How can you make animal communication in everyday life and understand your animal more intuitively – even without having attended a course or simply when you are just not quite sure what your animal needs from you?
That was the main idea when I came up with the idea to design impulse animal cards with some of the graduates of my Animal Creation training! No cards that “predict” the future with your animal, but that give you new ideas or simple exercises that you can try out with your animal. Get a feel for your animal and trust your perception in relation to your dog, cat or horse …
But the topic “more ease with your animal” is of course complex. Everyone understands something different about lightness, for example: How do you deal with the illness of your animal? How do you radiate calm and security to him when it is tense? How can you change it when your animal reflects you or wants to communicate something to you with unpleasant behavior? How do you find the right exercise and diet?
When we tackled the Animal Creation Animal Cards project together, each expert gave her part and we wrote the accompanying texts for the 44 impulse cards in parallel. We were very surprised at what came out later: 44 impulses and exercises that, on the one hand, fit so closely with the individual specialist areas of the experts, but on the other hand also interlock, as if we had agreed everything exactly.
In this episode I talk to 5 of the other authors about what lightness and animal communication can mean in everyday life and each one gives you their favorite tip for everyday life, with which you will understand your animal even better. We’ll also talk about what to expect from the Tier Cards, how the project was for us and how you can use the cards.
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