Animal abuse in Bogotá: dog was run over by a feeder and was not helped

Another case of mistreatment against animals occurred in Bogotá. A dog, apparently stray, was run over on a street in the Arborizadora Alta neighborhood (Ciudad Bolívar town) by a feeder bus that was moving through the area.

The case was brought to the attention of the animalista councilor Andrea Padilla Villarraga (Alianza Verde) through her Twitter account, where she stated that the driver of the vehicle did not help the animal and that there was no action by the Police.

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Even in a photo attached to the trill of the lobbyist, it was possible to identify what would be the number of the feeder: BC-0223, fundamental data to identify the subject who was driving.

Given this, the TransMilenio system replied to Councilor Padilla through the same social network and stated that with the data provided they would forward “the complaint to the concessionaire to carry out the corresponding investigation.”

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Likewise, they said that with the concessionaires and the District Institute for Animal Protection and Welfare they work “permanently in the training of our operators to prevent this type of situation from happening again.”

This is the second case of abuse in which a dead dog ends up in Bogotá. Last Sunday, November 21, the moment in which a taxi driver twice ran over a dog was recorded on security cameras in the Jiménez de Quesada neighborhood (Bosa town) and fled the place without helping him.

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Such was the rejection that generated the fact that the Metropolitan Police of Bogotá called on the driver to appear before the authorities and, for its part, the Attorney General’s Office initiated, ex officio, an investigation against the person responsible to achieve its judicialization.


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