Angie Arizaga, Natalie Vértiz and Michelle Soifer would be one of the hosts of You are in all


Among the candidates, María Pía Copello, Rosángela Espinoza, Luciana Fuster and Milett Figueroa are also mentioned.

Who will be the new host of “You are in all”?This saturday Collide mandros will present his new partner of the program in the new stage of the magazine. The list of possible candidates is extensive and here we bring you some names.

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Among the television figures who sound loud are Maria Pia Copello, Laura Huarcayo, Vanessa Terkes, Melissa Loza, Natalie Vertiz and Milett Figueroa. The girls of “This is war” are not far behind: Rosángela Espinoza, Luciana Fuster, Angie arizaga, Karen Leave and Michelle Soifer You could accompany our driver this Saturday.

Who would you like to see as a driver this Saturday?

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