Andy Shi Andreas’ new song “The Track of the Sun” is online, and the eternal sun sings the change of life-China Entertainment Network

  China Entertainment Network News Today (November 26), cutting-edge singer-songwriter Andreas Shi brought his original single “The Track of the Sun” to talk to oneself and listeners, and to explore the mystery of time and life together.

“The Track of the Sun” is written, composed and sung by Andreas Shi himself. Taking longing as the starting point, the eternally moving sun sings and cherishes the change of life. In the sad string music, emotions are ups and downs, the voice is sometimes soft and soothing, life is born as beautiful as hope, and sometimes deep and sad. The scenes that once talked freely with each other are vivid, but now they can’t share them. Tell the story word by word, and interpret the infinite thoughts vividly.

From sunrise to sunset, staring at the sun’s trajectory above your head, feeling the passage of time and the separation of life. “If you are not bound by time and escape from the orbiting circle, the end will be forever”, this may be the best daydream in the world. In the end, I break my illusions, there is darkness when there is goodness, and I can never stop time, and persuade the audience to cherish the present and cherish the people around me with personal insights.

Musician Andy Andreas was born on May 7, 1999. He studied music production at the Berkeley School of Music, the world’s top music school, and joined Baimu Entertainment the day before yesterday (November 24). He wrote his growth feelings into the song, and dedicated it to everyone with a clean and unmodified voice and the most sincere emotions. In addition to the new song “The Track of the Sun”, he released his first original single “Outlier Bird” in June this year. Looking forward to the talented and hard-working Andreas Shi and bring more good songs to everyone!

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