Andris Kivičs and his Liene stamp their love with new tattoos

Andra and Liene’s relationship seems to develop not by weeks or days, but by hours. Having started living together a few months ago, they are constantly posting common friends on social networks, celebrating the end of the year with all six of their children, visiting Kivičs’ parents, and now immortalizing their love in tattoos.

Both hands are now adorned with a tattooed infinity sign dated 9.11.2018, a red heart, the inscription “Soul mate” (“Companion of Souls”) and the initials of the other half. Liene now has the letters AK on her hand, Andris – LS.

One month ago, Kivičs said that he was divorcing his wife Madara and had started living with the lady of the society, artist, designer and journalist Lieni Skulmi.

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Andris Kivičs divorces his wife and has already found a new loved one

Andris Kivičs is already in the company with his new love

Madara is Kiivi’s third wife, who gave Andris two children – a daughter Katie and Kim. The musician also has a son Christopher Paul, who was born in a relationship with stylist Dan Dombrovskis. Liene Skulme also has three children from a previous relationship – daughters.

Kivičs married Madara, then Niper, on All Lovers Day – February 14, 2012. The wedding took place in great secrecy, as long as the young couple’s photography at the Freedom Monument in Riga could be called a secret. However, only their closest friends were informed about Andris and Madara’s marriage, because even their parents were left in the dark about the wedding.

In the same year, Katie, the couple’s first daughter, was born, but Kim joined the family a year later.

Kivičs was once married to basketball player Ilze Ieviņš and hairdresser Elīna Strauma.

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