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Updated on 05/28/2021 01:12 pm

Influence her Andrea San Martin He touched social networks by sharing a video of his daughters praying together before going to sleep.

Through Instagram, the ‘green-eyed’ published the video where little Maia and Lara pray the Our Father. “But pray pretty, don’t you remember? I don’t think you remember: in the name of the Father, the Son, the Holy Spirit, amen ”, the eldest daughter of Andrea San Martín is heard saying.

“Thank you God for so much blessing”, The influencer pointed out along with the video of her daughters, which was captured by the security cameras of her home.

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“The two with their very different personalities are the best life companions”, expressed Andrea San Martín.

In another video, when the girls are already in bed, little Maia talks with her sister about the new decoration of her room.

“Our room is super nice, isn’t it? Look we have our closet ”, you hear him say.

The influencer was excited by her daughter’s comment: “Grateful with every little thing that I give them that inspires me every day.”

Photo: Instagram Andrea San Martín


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