Andalusia allows full capacity in cinemas, theaters, auditoriums and concerts from Thursday

Theaters, cinemas, auditoriums and concerts will be able to have in Andalusia from this Thursday, in areas with level 1, a capacity of 100%, with which the normality prior to the coronavirus pandemic is recovered in practice, as announced this Tuesday the president of the Board, Juanma Moreno, after adopting this decision at the meeting of the Regional Committee of High Impact on Public Health, known as the expert committee. In relation to outdoor worship, such as processions, it is recommended that the people who carry the images must have a complete vaccination schedule or a certificate of recovery from the disease

In a video released by the Board at the end of the meeting, the president pointed out that the expert committee had a more “optimistic” tone at its meeting this Tuesday in view of the pandemic data. The incidence rate in the community is already 98 cases per 100,000 inhabitants. He has pointed out that it is undoubtedly good news to enjoy culture again with a capacity from before the pandemic.

Moreno has once again appealed to Andalusians aged 12 and over who have not yet been vaccinated to do so, and has indicated that although today we have good data on the pandemic, we must be prudent, “with confidence”, but “Without lowering our guard against the virus.”

Regarding the measures adopted in the meeting this Tuesday and that will come into force from 00:00 on Thursday, September 16, in theaters, cinemas, auditoriums and concerts the capacity is increased to 100% in level 1 with the greatest possible interpersonal distance and hygienic-sanitary conditions.

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In relation to nightlife establishments, the number of diners at indoor tables is equal in both level 2 and level 1, going from 6 to 8 people. Thus, they would be the same as in restoration for both levels. The measures for the night closing of the beaches are eliminated in alert level 2.

Regarding religious worship indoors and outdoors: the capacity is increased to 100% in places of worship, maintaining the greatest possible interpersonal distance, at alert level 1 with the recommended hygienic-sanitary conditions.

Religious processions

For external worship (processions on public roads), a series of recommendations are made such as that the people who carry the images have the complete vaccination schedule or certificate of recovery from the disease; that those people who participate in the procession wear masks, and that the number of people who carry the images is the minimum necessary, without compromising safety, and the greatest possible and safe distance between them should be sought.

Thus, itineraries that are not long and that cross roads or streets wide enough to avoid crowds of the public will be sought, avoiding narrow streets; They will be held on days and times that minimize a large influx of public and in the case of being accompanied by music bands, they will comply with the provisions of current regulations and appropriate surveillance measures will be taken to avoid crowds of the public.

In relation to universities, both public and private universities will be able to continue developing their activity in person. In any case, they must adopt the organizational and preventive measures indicated by the health authority. In this sense, the measures for this academic year 2021/22 have been updated ―in coherence with the update approved in the National Public Health Commission― with the aim of allowing the maximum presence of the students (as long as the epidemiological situation allows it).

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In relation to children’s recreational establishments, level 1 allows two groups of users to stay simultaneously, as long as they do not coincide in the same play area of ​​the establishment. For example, one group will be allowed to have a snack and another in the play-room. Capacity is increased to 100% in outdoor spaces and 75% in closed spaces on level 1
alert. In alert level 2 it would be extended to 60% outdoors and 50% indoors.

In sports facilities, alert level 1 is allowed 100% capacity for physical-sports practice in conventional outdoor sports facilities and spaces. 75% is kept for indoors. The limit for the completion of tests and unconventional sporting events is raised until 01:00.

In the establishments of zoological, botanical and geological activities (including aquariums), in alert level 1 and 2 the allowed capacity is increased to 100% in the case of open spaces and to 75% when it is closed spaces.

As for the establishments and places of games and bets, the schedule of the restoration activity that takes place in them is equal to the rest of the restoration. The occupation of the tables is extended in level 1 and 2 of alert to 8 people indoors and 10 outdoors.

Selective tests

Regarding the selective tests, the obligation of prior authorization from Public Health for the performance of selective face-to-face tests of the public administrations of the Andalusian Government at alert levels 1 and 2 is left without effect.

The maximum number of participants per venue for official selective tests developed in Andalusia at alert level 1 and 2 is annulled. However, the protocols of preventive measures established for these selective tests will be followed.

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