Analyze implies slumber timing may well have an affect on risk of producing dementia

New research printed in American Geriatrics Journal It indicates that bedtime and rest duration may well have an affect on the hazard of establishing dementia.

In a examine of 1,982 older Chinese grownups with no dementia at research entry, 97 participants have been diagnosed with dementia throughout an typical abide by-up period of 3.7 several years.

The risk of dementia was 69% greater in people who slept 8 several hours or extra (vs. 7-8 several hours) and twice as significant in all those who went to bed in advance of 9pm (as opposed to after 10pm).

“This implies that cognitive operate must be monitored in older grown ups who report longer and far more advanced slumber timings,” the authors wrote.


Journal reference:

Liu R. and others. (2022) Associations of sleep timing and bedtime with dementia and cognitive drop in more mature Chinese adults: a cohort analyze. Journal of the American Geriatrics Society.

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