An unvaccinated caregiver at the origin of a cluster? Controversy in an Ehpad in the Landes

During a trip to Mont-de-Marsan, the Minister of Health indicated that an unvaccinated caregiver was at the origin of the cluster which was triggered in mid-June in an nursing home in Pontonx-sur-l ‘ Adour. Discriminatory remarks according to the CGT, which questions the motivations of the minister.

“Obviously, the virus entered the nursing home by a caregiver who was not vaccinated”, assured, Thursday, June 24, the Minister of Health during a trip alongside the Prime Minister to the CPAM of Mont-de-Marsan, not far from the establishment of Pontonx-sur-l’Adour (Landes) where Around thirty cases of Covid-19 linked to the Delta variant were detected in mid-June. Comments corroborated by the director general of ARS Nouvelle-Aquitaine, Benoît Elleboode.

According to the daily South West, at least 26 residents tested positive for the Delta (Indian) variant, as well as 8 staff. A new screening will be organized this Thursday, July 1. Of these contaminations, 3 elderly people with co-morbidities were hospitalized. Two deaths, which occurred on June 24 and 26, are now to be deplored. They were residents over 75 years old, vaccinated, with chronic respiratory problems. A report was made by the ARS to better understand the effects of vaccination on co-morbidities.

Also according to the local daily, the first case in this establishment was reported to the ARS on June 14 at a health professional, the latter having probably triggered symptoms on June 9.

Within the establishment in the south of the Landes, 93% of residents are vaccinated, and 73% of staff are, 55% of whom now have a complete vaccination schedule. For the Prime Minister, who has set up an action plan for the department plagued by the Indian variant (more tests, vaccines …), it is incomprehensible that the virus arrives in an nursing home “Through those whose mission is to protect it”. During his trip, the latter solemnly called on caregivers to be vaccinated by the end of the summer.

In a statement that South West consulted, the CGT Santé Action Sociale expressed its anger after the words of the Minister of Health. “Government officials claim, without a shadow of a doubt, that the contamination occurred through an unvaccinated professional. This accusation, which could have serious psychological consequences for the offending officer, is not based on any explained or augmented evidence to the media. ”

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For the union, which considers these comments “discriminatory” and questions the motivations of the two ministers, the ambitions of the executive are clear: “They clearly reveal their ambition to make compulsory vaccination for health professionals”, loose the CGT in its communicated. The day before, in the Senate, Olivier Véran had already warned that if the rate of vaccination against the Covid of caregivers did not improve significantly during the summer, it could be imposed in September.

[avec Sud Ouest]

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