An Unknown Shoot At Point Blank At Two Police Officers Inside A Patrol Car In Compton, Los Angeles | International


Two agents of the sheriff from Los Angeles County, California, were torn between life and death Saturday night after suffering gunshot wounds to the head in what appears to be a point-blank ambush for no apparent reason. The officers were inside a patrol car next to a subway station in Compton, south of the city, when a suspect approached and shot them through the window. Los Angeles police were looking for the attacker last night, who ran away. The event is recorded on video.

At eight in the afternoon, local time, the Twitter account of the sheriff Los Angeles posted: “Just now, two of our officers in Compton were shot and taken to a hospital. They are both fighting for their lives, please keep them in your prayers. ” In a later tweet, he clarified that it is about a man and a woman.

The event had occurred around seven in the afternoon and was recorded on video in what appears to be a security camera. An individual is seen approaching the patrol car and shooting several times through the window, apparently without speaking with the officers.

South Los Angeles was the scene of a manhunt Saturday night to try to find the attacker, who fled on foot. He sheriff from Los Angeles, Álex Villanueva, described him as a “dark-skinned man.” Authorities asked for help on television from anyone who may have information about the suspect.

The injured officers are a 31-year-old woman, mother of a six-year-old boy, and a 24-year-old man. Both were novices, had graduated from the academy 14 months ago, Villanueva explained. They worked in the transportation division. The call for help was made by the agents themselves by radio. They entered the hospital conscious.

The president of the United States, Donald Trump, has used, as usual, the social network of Twitter to express his rejection of this attack: “If they die [los policías], a speedy trial, and the death penalty for the murderer. It’s the only way to stop this! “

“This is a sinister reminder,” Villanueva said at a press conference at the hospital, that “more or less one police officer is shot a week while on duty” in the United States. And he gave as an example an event that has precisely raised the spirits among the African American community of Compton. On September 3, agents of the sheriff a black man was shot dead as he was about to be arrested. According to his account, the man pulled out a gun. Three days before, the agents of the sheriff Another black man, Dijon Kizzee, had also been shot dead in an altercation when he was about to be arrested for a violation while riding his bicycle in South LA. Both events sparked protests in the black neighborhoods of South Los Angeles.

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