an infant dies after being attacked by his dog!

published by Celine June 12, 2021 at 2:27 PM

A real drama took place this Sunday, June 6. Three-month-old Mia died of injuries from family dog ​​attack in the middle of the night.

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Infant dies after family dog ​​is attacked

The drama took place in Ireland, specifically in Clashmore, County Waterford. Mia, an infant died after a real tragedy June 6 around 2 a.m. The whole family sleeps peacefully and Mia is comfortably settled in her bed. When suddenly, the dog walks to the floor where the newborn’s room is located.

For a reason that remains to this day totally unknown, the family dog, which is a terrier crossbreed, was seized with a destructive fury and violently attacked the helpless little one. A terrifying attack then takes place which will be interrupted a few moments later by the aunt of the victim. Horrified to discover this scene, she discovers little Mia very seriously injured.

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Helpless help in the face of the tragedy

Despite the rapid response of the emergency services, the emergency care of the baby, and despite many attempts, the little girl failed to be resuscitated. Mia failed to survive her too many injuries. An investigation should soon be opened, following the autopsy, in order to define precisely the course of this tragic night of horror.

The parents, completely devastated, have so far not wanted to speak. Little Mia was born last February and her parents, Rhys O’Connell and Ella Wood, were very young engaged since New Years Day 2021.

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