An hour of music: Filippo Neri and Margherita Santi in concert in Verona An hour of music: Filippo Neri and Margherita Santi in concert in Verona on March 26, 2022 Events in Verona

Saturday 26 March at 5 pm on the stage of the Fucina Machiavelli Theater, the new appointment of the concert season An hour of musicwhich continues in the cycle dedicated to the inside piano in chamber music. The con Filippo Neri on the violin, a member of the Maffei Quartet, and the young pianist Margherita Santinow an established concert performer in chamber ensembles and as a soloist.

The duo violin and piano he will perform the splendid sonata in A major by C. Frank and the first sonata by J. Brahms. The Sonata in A major (from 1886) is the work that Frank composes as a wedding gift to the violinist Eugène Ysaÿe, to whom he dedicates it. Particular is the story of the opening time for which the author originally prescribed a moderate course, but, listening to Ysaÿe perform it more quickly, he certainly authorizes it to be understood as Allegretto. From the extraordinary success of the first performance, the sonata has become a fundamental repertoire of this chamber ensemble.

The Sonata op. 78written in 1879 and published in Berlin in 1880 (it is placed between the Concerto for violin and orchestra op. 77 and the two piano Rhapsodies op. 79), is built entirely on the motifs of a Lied for tenor of the same Brahms, the “Song of the rain” (the Regenlied of the series Acht Lieder und Gesänge op. 59 n. 3). The musician liked this theme very much, so much so that he used it in another composition, the third Quartet with piano op. 60 in C minor, already heard this season in the concert on December 4th. In the Sonata the complete theme of the Regenlied is developed in the final Allegro, but it is also felt in the other tempos, according to that taste for variation and cyclical construction in which the stylistic theme of the musician is found.

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