An expert from Tyumen believes that it is necessary to invest in additional education

Tyumen expert, Vice-Rector of the Tyumen Regional State Institute for the Development of Regional Education, Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences Marina Kuskova believes that the government needs to invest in the field of additional education for children. She spoke about this on the online platform of the Expert Club of Russia.

– Investing in additional education is a guarantee of a child’s realization in art, sports, technical creativity, and social design. The implementation of the state program in this area ensures the education of a socially responsible person, the formation of a healthy lifestyle, the prevention of asocial phenomena,

she noted.

Over the next 3 years, within the framework of the regional program “Development of Education and Science”, about 14.4 billion rubles will be spent on organizing free preschool education, 16 billion rubles will be allocated for general secondary education, and 44 million rubles for additional education of children.

According to the speaker, every family with children, regardless of where they live, is interested in providing them with a quality education. Therefore, one of the main goals of the state program “Development of Education and Science” was to improve the conditions of education in rural schools.

Director of the regional department of education and science Aleksey Raider said that in 2 years all the buildings of rural schools will be fully equipped with water pipes, central heating and sewerage.

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