An elderly homeless man’s dog gets hit on the ambulance

This is the loyalty and fidelity of dogs

The loyalty and fidelity of our four-legged friends is manifested with small gestures that always make us squeeze our hearts and move to tears. The dog of a homeless senior citizen who has been run over he doesn’t want to know leave it alone. And he wants at all costs get on the ambulance: a very moving story indeed.

A Paraná-Foz do Iguaçu, in Brazil, Mr. Aparecido de Fátima da Silva was run over. Beside him was Lessi, his sweet dog who never leaves him alone. The dog was not injured, while the man did. Fortunately, first aid arrived in order to help him.

The paramedics arrived at the scene and decided to take the man to the hospital by ambulance for first treatment. However, the man did not travel alone, but with his own faithful pet. Lessie in fact insisted on being able to stay with him even during the transfer to the health center where they would take care of him.

I fire brigade of Paraná-Foz do Iguaçu did not raise any objections and loaded the dog into the rescue vehicle, because they perfectly understood the strong bond that unites grandfather and his inseparable pet.

Da Silva has lived on the street for years and Lessie is his only company. While the owner is receiving oxygen and treatment, the dog sits in an ambulance. THE paramedic they were moved by the situation, because the dog seemed to fully understand the danger his human was running.

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Dog named Lessie

Dog of an elderly homeless man run over, inseparable from him

Once in the hospital, the elderly man was treated and the dog waited in an area set up for him. They also gave him water and food waiting for the owner to recover.

dog of a homeless senior citizen

The man had suffered a head injury and a fracture to both legs. The dog has always waited for him. When he was discharged, Lessie was with him and was happy to be able to return to his family.

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