an awareness-raising action carried out this weekend in Toulouse

“It’s not trivial to produce fur,” says Marion Ribes, from the Nature Sauvage Occitanie collective. On this observation, a mobilization against the industry concerned will be carried out this Saturday, January 15 in Toulouse, at the square Charles de Gaulle. From 11 a.m. to 1 p.m., speech and staging will take place. An action coordinated with the association Fourrure Torture.

A public awareness action

“Our goal is to inform about how it is made and about the animal suffering caused“, explains Marion Ribes. The members of the various animalist collectives will also give advice on how to differentiate between real and fake fur and will show alternatives.

“We are not here to give moral lessons. We are here to show the dark side of this industry“, assures the member of Nature Sauvage Occitanie.

The example of angora

Among this dark side of the fur industry, there is in particular the processing of angora.

“We comb the rabbits raw up to three times a year, bloody. It’s not a simple combing, we pull out their hair”, explains Marion Ribes. The animal would then only have a life experience of 2 years according to her, depending on the breeding conditions.

More and more brands are abandoning the sale of fur

“20-25 years ago, wearing angora, cashmere or wool didn’t seem cruel to me. It’s different when you know what’s going on behind it,” says the rights defender animal. Additionally, some haute couture houses have already taken the step of stopping fur. This is the case of Jean Paul Gaultier, Gucci, Michael Kors or even Chanel. What about leather?

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