an automated parking system being tested in Detroit


Ford and Bosch are testing an automated parking system in Detroit (United States). Starting from an observation: if it is easy to drive, it is less easy to make a niche. Not for long. The tests take place on the ground floor of the Assembly Garage. This building is located in the Corktown district (state of Michigan). Inside this covered parking lot of property developer Bedrock, the Ford Escape parks itself.

Interconnected vehicles and infrastructure

The car thus interacts with the sensors designed by Bosch, installed in the infrastructure. This is vehicle-infrastructure communication (V2I). The detectors then identify and locate the vehicle. They guide him in his parking maneuver, avoiding obstacles. The infrastructure immediately stops the machine when an element (for example a pedestrian) is detected on its path.

Upon arrival in the car park, the driver leaves his vehicle in a demarcated area. He then initiates the automatic parking maneuver from a smartphone application. Likewise, the return of the vehicle to the recovery zone is controlled on the application. This intelligent system reduces the duration of parking since it speeds up a car’s exit from its location and eliminates the time it takes to find its vehicle in the parking lot.

Automated parking: up to 20% space savings

Designed by Ford and Bosch, this automated parking solution optimizes the number of spaces in a parking lot. Indeed, the car park then accommodates up to 20% of additional vehicles, according to its developers. In addition to parking, the vehicle can go to service areas such as recharging or washing, depending on the wishes of its user.

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