An asteroid more than a kilometer long is approaching Earth – NASA

On January 18, asteroid 7482 (1994 PC1) will approach the Earth, it will be at a distance of just under two million kilometers from the planet, which is equal to about five distances from the Earth to the Moon, follows from NASA data.

The size of the celestial body, discovered in 1994 by astronomer Robert McNaught, is more than one kilometer. The US Space Agency classified 7482 (1994 PC1) as an Apollo class, potentially hazardous.

Among the asteroids approaching Earth in 2022, this one will be the largest.

Earlier it was reported that, according to the forecasts of the VNII GOChS, in the spring of 2029, the Apophis asteroid will approach the Earth at a very close distance, comparable to the height of the orbits of geostationary satellites. Roskosmos assesses the probability of its collision with the Earth as “very, very small.”


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