AMSM launches the “Infitah” program: Abdelmalek Benabdeljalil guest of Info Soir (Video)

The Moroccan Association of Trading Rooms (AMSM) has just launched the “Infitah” program to support Moroccan TPMs / SMEs in their openness to the international economy. Guest of Info Soir, Abdelmalek Benabdeljalil, president of the AMSM stressed that the association wanted to support through this program the vast operation of flexibilisation of the exchange rate regime in Morocco.

The objective of the “Infitah” program is to “demystify all the concepts around currency risks, trading rooms, so that this does not remain the prerogative of large groups”, continues Abdelmalek Benabdeljalil.

This program initiated by the AMSM is supported by Bank Al Maghrib and the Office des Changes. To popularize this program, AMSM will carry out a regional tour to discuss with entrepreneurs. Video.

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