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April 05, 2021 20:19 PM


Darlene Stephanie Montoya

[Overseas Network]On the morning of the 3rd local time, an Asian woman in Riverside, California, was stabbed to death while walking a dog. The police said this was not a hate crime against Asians.
According to a CNN report on the 4th, police in Riverside City received a report that a woman was stabbed on the golden avenue in the mountainous community of the city and the suspect fled the scene. The police confirmed that the woman’s name was Ke Chieh Meng, 64 years old. She suffered bleeding from multiple stabbings in her abdomen. She was rushed to a local hospital and died.
Soon after the attack, the police received multiple reports from neighbors stating that a woman was acting suspiciously. The police immediately arrested her. The woman was 23-year-old Darlene Stephanie Montoya, from Los Angeles County.
Riverside police said: “When taking notes for the suspect, there was no sign that she assaulted the victim because of her race.” Montoya has been to the detention center many times. Last week, he was arrested by the riverside police for assaulting a woman with a skateboard, but was released due to emergency bail regulations during the epidemic.


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