América de Cali: Álvaro Rius spoke about Fabián Sambueza de Santa Fe


The Colombian football transfer market has had midfielder Fabián Sambueza as one of its great protagonists in times of few movements. All this due to the uncertainty about his future due to the negotiations now frustrated with Santa Fe and a possible arrival at another club.

Santa Fe and Sambueza have not reached an economic agreement for their continuity on the team despite several offers from both sides. Thus, the Argentine has been a free player since June 30 and his businessman has offered him to some clubs, including América de Cali, current champion of Colombia who disputes the Copa Libertadores.

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On the possibility in Cali of America, from the board they have mentioned that they do not have the economic sustenance to sign him, although they would like to have a player of that quality. Álvaro Rius, sporting director of the scarlet box in the program ‘The Sensational Hour of Sport’ also declared under this line.

“That of Sambueza or any other player who may reach America is subject to some departure that occurs, otherwise there will be no more signings”, Pointed out the Spanish manager first.

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“We had already valued Sambueza when he arrived at Independiente Santa Fe and at that time we had a sufficient number of players in that offensive position such as Pisano, Vergara and Yesus Cabrera; even Carrascal or Sierra, then we consider that, although it is very good, at that time it was not so necessary … “, revealed Rius about the transfer market in June 2019.

And he closed by reaffirming the economic issue of the institution: “He is an analyzed player and I like him, but in our economic situation it does not seem responsible to me to acquire new commitments of expenses when we can hardly pay the current ones ”.


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