Ambitious Mars project from SpaceX founder Elon Musk


A spaceship like in science fiction films: SpaceX’s “Starship” should be able to land on planets again. What about Elon Musk’s Mars project?

  • Colonizing space: that is the big dream SpaceX-Founder Elon Musk.
  • The pioneer for the dream should do that Spaceship turn into.
  • It should be able to take up to a hundred people to Mars.

SpaceX was founded with the vision of being able to colonize other planets. For almost twenty years it has been shown that the company is not only pursuing ambitious goals. New, reusable rocket projects like the Falcon Heavy, the second most powerful US launcher since the Saturn V rocket, or the spaceship Dragons. SpaceX It appears that NASA show the way in many ways. But probably the most ambitious project of SpaceX, the Spaceshipcould overshadow previous successes.

SpaceX spaceship: the private space company’s new workhorse

The Spaceship should be the new draft horse of SpaceX turn into. The spaceship should be able to carry out all missions in the future SpaceX Plans and have so far been flown by the Falcon 9 and Falcon Heavy. The use of Spaceship Satellite launches such as the Starlink satellites provide flights to the International Space Station (ISS) as well as the landing and take-off of planets or other celestial objects.

SpaceX continues with that Spaceship-Project using a proven method that is unique in space travel: the reusability of all rocket components. “If planes weren’t reusable, very few people would fly,” said the SpaceX founder Elon Musk once at a press conference. The benefits are obvious.

The reusability of the missile components reduces the cost of the individual components and can instead be distributed over a wider range of applications. Only the start-up costs are fully incurred. By comparison, a NASA space shuttle launch cost about $ 450 million in the past. SpaceX estimates that a Spaceship-Start with reusable parts capped at $ 2 million.

Spaceship: The SpaceX spaceship consists of two stages

The Spaceship is divided into two components. The first stage of the rocket is known as “Super Heavy” and is said to be powered by 28 to 31 SpaceX Raptor engines. “Super Heavy” should Spaceship Put into orbit and deliver a total of up to 6200 tons of thrust. In orbit, the top level separates (Spaceship) from the first stage. There the spaceship must be able to be refueled and then start with its own engines.

Spaceship (SpaceX)
height 118-122 m
diameter 9m
Starting mass 5000 tons
payload up to 150 tons
crew Up to 100

That’s it Spaceship only exists as a prototype. The American press likes to speak of “flying cans” because the current prototype of the Spaceships reminiscent of steel. Nevertheless, the first successful test flights took place in 2020. The first airworthy flew on August 4, 2020 Spaceship– Prototype a total of 150 meters high and then successfully landed. Another identical test took place on September 3, 2020. Then a test at an altitude of more than 20 kilometers and a subsequent landing must be planned. When is not yet known.

SpaceX: Starship is supposed to take people to the moon and Mars

‘We’re going to the moon, we have a base on the moon. We’re going to Mars, ”said Elon Musk after landing two American astronauts with one SpaceXCapsule had flown to the ISS. While missions to the moon may sound realistic at first, a landing on Mars doesn’t (yet) seem feasible. The Spaceship should cover a distance between 56 and 401 million kilometers. It is estimated that this would take between 128 and 333 days.

Landing on the Red Planet is extremely difficult, as in previous missions NASA have shown. In addition, the missiles that had landed so far were much smaller objects Spaceship. The spaceship would fly into the Martian atmosphere at 27,000 km / h, where it would be exposed to extreme temperatures. This is also one of the reasons SpaceX decided to switch the material of the spaceship from carbon fiber to steel.

The start for a moon mission from the Spaceships is scheduled for 2022, initially with cargo, then manned missions begin. Just two years later, Elon Musk’s most ambitious plan has to be put into practice. The Japanese artist Yusaku Maezawa also wants to travel around the moon with the spaceship. Manned Mars missions with the Spaceship should be possible until 2024. With Musk not known for meeting deadlines, the actual start of a manned flight to Mars is still in the stars. (Marvin Ziegele)

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