Amazing juice that destroys cancer cells in just 42 days

Vegetable juices and teas, this is the famous cure that cures tumors and other serious diseases, such as leukemia. For about six weeks, it is recommended to consume only vegetable juices and teas that are beneficial in the fight against cancer cells.

Whenever you are hungry, drink vegetable juice, but not more than 500 ml a day. The juice is consumed with a spoon, because only this way it has a better effect, consumed with small sips.

The principle of Breuss’s cure

The Austrian Rudolf Breuss launched the idea that cancer cells destroy themselves during the cure. Moreover, during the diet, the body detoxifies itself from everything that is extra and unhealthy. Thus, it reaches cancer cells, which end up “starving” because they no longer receive the foods that help them grow, such as sugar, fried foods, fast food and processed foods.

Discover on how to prepare this juice with healing powers.

This plant kills 86% of cancer cells!

Here are some commonly used products at home that can make you sick with cancer!

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