amabile Melon Concert 4: Soprano Noriko Hirano Queen of Hearts ☆

Everyone’s singing voice remains in my ears ???? Enjoying the afterglow of the concert ????

[Ambile Melon Concert 4.]

2021.3.28 (Sun) 14:00~17:00

Mibe Conservatory

⭐️ Appearance

Takue Ohno / Mari Kashiwazaki / Futo Kobayashi / Yoko Shibata / Yukio Nagaya / Hikaru Hosokawa / Yuko Yoshida / Hane Yoshino

Piano Yukio Oe, Noriko Hirano

This concert started with a rather negative idea, such as a very luxurious melon concert ^ _ ^ where a small number of people listen to each other for a long time, and “because we can not hold a large-scale recital”. , I tried it and it was fun enough ❣️

Today, as a new attempt, it was delivered on ZOOM!

I would like to ask Misa Okada, who watched it at home, to share her thoughts in detail at a later date, and to guide many people to watch it online from the next concert.

(I will write it again later)

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