Alturestival, concerts by Vacua Moenia and the Roman singer-songwriter Sale at the Castellaccio di Monreale

September 16, 2023 – 6.49pm

The seventh edition of AlturEstivalthe festival conceived and organized by the association Cultural Formedonda and from Sicilian Alpine Club in the mountains of Palermo, continues tomorrow Sunday 17 Septemberat the Church of Castellaccio in Monte Caputo in Monreale, at 11.30, with the concert of “Empty Walls” who through sound research tell the life of rural villages, villages, farmhouses in the internal areas of Sicily, with particular interest in the acoustic environment, history and landscape, architecture and the memorial value of the archives. Followed at 3.30 pm, again at Castellaccio, the award-winning Lazio singer-songwriter Sale, i.e. Eugenio Saletti who accompanied by his father Stefano (Piccola Banda Ikona) will bring a repertoire of anti-war songs to the stage.

The La Bella Noeva group is a recently formed group (2021) that has identified its musical preference in Mediterranean music, both ancient and modern, both popular and authorial. The Mare Nostrum, in fact, has always been a crossroads of different civilizations which constitute a heritage of enormous cultural and artistic richness, the result of religious, linguistic and customs contaminations. And it is precisely this wealth of forms, music and repertoire from the various eras that we have drawn on for our musical project. The proposal therefore ranges from popular songs, especially Sicilian and Campanian ones, to songs of cultured or authorial origin, even recent ones. Furthermore, due to the musical interest inherent in ancient music of some members of the group, we also find an anthology of pieces of classical music from the Middle Ages to the Baroque. The group is usually made up of 6 members: Tanino Di Mauro (vocals), Bruna D’Amico (guitars and vocals), Anna Spoto (flute), Alessio Correnti (violin), Anette Wenzel (cello) and Giuseppe Valguarnera (percussion), but he doesn’t disdain collaboration with other musicians and groups. Each of the members has a multi-year career behind them and also performs and collaborates with other classical, ethnic and popular groups.

The concert is in collaboration with the Monastic Beer Festival and takes place in the Audience Hall of the Abbey. It is a concert with binaural listening, i.e. with the aid of a system with wifi headphones, which allows the artists present to concentrate on the quality of the sound. which is underlined in detail by the system.

Very young, Sale he takes part as an actor and singer in the TV film for Rai Uno “A marriage” directed by Pupi Avati (2013), performing several songs on stage and in the soundtrack. Sings the songs from the soundtrack of the TV miniseries “Mister Ignis. The worker who founded an empire” aired again on Rai Uno in 2014. Since 2015 he has actively participated in the international project of the San Patrignano community Free, carrying out ensemble music workshops held in the community headquarters. Since 2015 he has been the guitarist and singer of the band Caracas, a group founded by Valerio Corzani and Stefano Saletti. In 2016 he collaborated with the Banda Ikona, the Mediterranean music group directed by Stefano Saletti, participating in the presentation tour of the new album “Soundcity”. In 2017 she participated in the creation of the CD “Ghost Tracks” by Caracas (Materiali Sonori), in which he sings two songs, performing in various national and international festivals. He is the creator and radio host of the program “Music On” for Web Radio – “Radio Rossellini”. A multi-instrumentalist (he plays guitar, bass, piano and keyboards), SALE intends to bring out the potential of his artistic path which draws on the tradition of Italian songwriting, combined with a passion for English rock and electronic sounds. With him Seby Burgio on piano and keyboards (already a collaborator of Enrico Rava, Fabrizio Bosso, Mannarino, Mario Venuti, Roy Paci…), the rhythmic couple formed by the powerful bass of Martina Bertini (Ermal Meta, Nathalie, Nesli, Alice Paba…) and the drums of Filippo Schininà (Leo Pari, Giulia Anania, Barbara Eramo, Mimmo Locasciulli, Nidi D’Arac), the young voice of Cristina Cecilia with whom she duets in the song “Rimani” and the contribution in two songs with lyrics by two singer-songwriters, Lorenzo Lepore and Jacopo Troiani, from Officina Pasolini, the high musical training school directed by Tosca that Sale has been attending for a year. The artistic production is by the multi-instrumentalist and composer Stefano Saletti (Piccola Banda Ikona).

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