Alternative Basic Education will celebrate its 16th anniversary with a week of webinar

As part of the commemoration for the Alternative Basic Education Day that is celebrated every April 18, the Ministry of Education (Minedu) scheduled a series of webinars in order to show the advances in education for young people, adults and older adults. in the current context of compulsory social isolation and from the perspective of lifelong learning.

The events will be held from Monday, April 19 to Saturday, April 24, between 11:00 am and 4:00 pm and will be broadcast from Minedu’s Facebook Live, where topics such as “EBA’s Success Strategies” will be addressed. , “Management challenges of the CEBA”, “Methodology for working with youth and adults”, among others.

The conference that will bring together international experts will include the participation of the Vice Minister of Pedagogical Management of the Minedu, Killa Miranda and Hugo Reynaga, director of the General Directorate of Alternative Basic Education, Intercultural Bilingual and Educational Services in the Rural Environment.

The director of Alternative Basic Education of the Minedu, Lucila Landeo Sánchez; Walter Quispe, National Director DVV International Peru; María Eugenia Letelier, coordinator of the transversality office of the UMCE of Chile; Wilfredo Limachi, director of the foundation for the development and lifelong learning of the education of young people and adults in Bolivia.

Similarly, Miriam Camilo, director of education for young people and adults of the Ministry of Education of the Dominican Republic and Hugo Díaz, counselor of the National Council of Education of Peru.

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