Already a Suspect in a Case of Alleged Domestic Violence, Attila Syach: This is nothing – Artist Attila Syach received a summons from the police regarding a report from his ex-wife, Bunga Sophia. This is because since last week, the police have raised the status Atilla Syach as a suspect in cases of alleged acts of Domestic Violence (KDRT).

Attila and Bunga themselves were officially divorced in December 2020. However, Bunga only submitted her report last June.

When met by, Attila Syach said he was relaxed when he found out that the police had raised his status as a suspect in the case reported by his ex-wife.

“There’s nothing wrong with this, (the report) is just trivial,” said Attila Syach after undergoing an examination at the South Jakarta Metro Police, Monday (28/6).

1. Something Is More Important

Attila’s relaxed attitude is certainly not without reason. According to Wulan Guritno’s ex-husband, there are bigger problems in his life that must be considered. Currently Attila Syach admits that he is more focused on continuing his life and earning a living for his children.

“We all have a future, life is not just us,” said Attila Syach.

2. Currently Attempting Mediation

Regarding the status of Attila Syach, who is now a suspect, Bona Silaban as a legal representative is seeking mediation with Bunga Sophia. Unfortunately, until now it has been difficult to contact his client’s ex-wife.

“For now, he hasn’t (communicated) he has closed himself. We’ll see how time goes by,” concluded Bona.

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