Almost four in ten Belgians are considering the next twelve months …

37 percent of Belgian employees are considering making a career switch in the next twelve months. 45 percent of working Belgians applied at least once in the last six months. This is evident from a survey by HR services company Acerta and job site StepStone among 3,000 employees.

37 percent of Belgian employees therefore think of a career switch within the year. One in five thinks of a different position in a different sector. 13 percent are considering switching to a similar job in another sector. 4 percent think about a change of status: from employee to self-employed, or vice versa. 12 percent of Belgians do not want to change jobs in the coming year, but do want to change employer.

Employees who were not given the opportunity to work from home in the past year applied more (68 percent) than those who were given the opportunity (30 percent). Those who often have to go to the office during the corona crisis are also more likely to consider switching sectors (63 percent versus 44 percent).

Extra efforts

Due to the corona crisis, the Belgian is prepared to make extra efforts for his employer for the same wage. This is the case for 62 percent of the respondents in the survey.

During the first lockdown last year, job mobility in our country plunged to its lowest level in ten years. The new figures show that this year there is again higher job mobility in the labor market.

‘Companies can be alert to ensure that employees are not paralyzed by uncertainty and that they dare to take their chances elsewhere. Companies will have to be vigilant to retain their best talent. A good start is transparent communication, for example about working from home and about the possibilities of facing new challenges. Most employees want to know where they stand after a corona year, ‘says Nele Ronsmans, talent & development expert.

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