Almost 60% of Chelyabinsk parents positively assess school education – Kommersant Chelyabinsk

59.3% of Chelyabinsk parents surveyed by sociologists of the RANEPA branch assess modern school education well. According to the authors of the study, 53.3% of respondents chose the option “rather good” and 6% – “very good”.

36.6% assessed education in schools poorly, including 29.3% – “rather bad” and 7.3% – “very bad”. 4% found it difficult to answer. A total of 400 respondents took part in the study.

Those who assess the level of education as good also have a positive attitude towards educational work at school and consider sufficient attention to the moral education of children. Respondents who gave a negative answer, on the contrary, believe that little time is devoted to the education of moral qualities.

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