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On 6 October the Emilian rocker will be in connection with Suite 102.5, live from the Verona Arena, to give important news to his fans

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These are days full of emotion for Luciano Ligabuewhich between 27 September and 6 October is engaged in seven concerts in one of the most prestigious places in which an artist can perform: theArena of Verona. Seven dates to celebrate the over thirty years of career of the Emilian rocker, one of the best known and most loved names in Italian music, which will end with an important event.

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Ligabue’s announcement from the Verona Arena

Il 6 Octoberthe day of the last Veronese concert, Ligabue will in fact be in connection with RTL 102.5, the first Italian radio vision. The singer will in fact be a guest of Suite 102.5broadcast starting at 9pm and conducted by Armando Piccolillo, Diego Zappone e Simone Palmierito give a announcement to all the public. It is not known in advance what it is: what is certain, however, is that the fans are already counting the hours that separate us from the moment in which the rocker will give the news. Whether it’s new concerts, a new album, an important collaboration, a film or a book, we will find out only on Thursday evening, when Ligabue will interrupt his concert at the Verona Arena to connect live with the radio

Fans are therefore excited to find out what the big news Ligabue has in store for them will be. On the other hand, the singer has accustomed us, over the course of his career, to decidedly projects ambitious. In addition to the thousands of lives in which he has performed throughout Italy, we cannot forget Campovolo, the huge concert that, in 2005, set the European record of paying spectators for a concert by a single artist (later beaten in 2017 by Vasco Rossi). But also the experience of him as writerwith eight books under his belt, or that of movie director e screenwriter of films Radiofrequency, From zero to tene Made in Italy.

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