All tickets for the Maneskin concert were sold out in minutes

After a series of high-profile scandals due to the arrival of Maneskin in Russia, it seems that a new one is flaring up. This time, the reason was the lack of tickets for the group’s solo concerts in Moscow and St. Petersburg.

At the end of September, it was announced that the Eurovision winners were going on a big tour in the spring of 2022. Among the countries in which the group will perform are Germany, Great Britain, Ukraine, France, Austria and others.

It should be noted that Russia is the only country on the tour in which Maneskin will perform in two cities at once. The resale of tickets began on September 28, and fans could buy the main batch of passages on September 30.

But everything turned out to be not so simple. Despite the average ticket price of about seven thousand rubles, all seats were sold out in a matter of minutes. The organizers tried to lay out new tickets in portions, but this did not help.

“Kapets, guys, learn how to do business, they sell no more than 25% of tickets on the presale, and not full availability with jumping prices”; “My site stopped working at the backup stage. And then he threw it away altogether. I couldn’t buy anything. There are no more tickets, ”fans complain.

All tickets for the Maneskin concert were sold out in minutes

As it turned out, the same situation is in other countries of the first large-scale tour of Maneskin: tickets for absolutely all concerts were sold out in less than two hours. Russian fans who did not have time to grab tickets can only hope to transfer concerts to larger venues or to additional performances.

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Recall that in early September, a scandal broke out between Olga Buzova and Ksenia Sobchak. The TV presenters did not share the Maneskin group.


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