All innovations in Ukraine from June 1, 2021 – what will change

Pensions will be raised again, but not for everyone

The increase will affect those pensioners who continue to work after retirement. From June 1, they will be given a new recalculation of pension payments.

As noted in the Pension Fund, the recalculation will be done automatically and pensioners do not need to go anywhere.

Payments will be recalculated to those Ukrainians who, after the appointment of a pension, continued to work and received at least 24 months of insurance experience or received 24 months of insurance experience, but at least 2 years have passed since the appointment of a pension.

UPE and graduation

The main session of the UPE began at the end of May and the assessment of the knowledge of schoolchildren will last until June 15 according to the schedule. An additional session of external independent assessment will be held from June 29 to July 16. The results of the main session will be posted on the pages of the participants until June 30, the additional one – until July 23.

Graduation parties in schools are planned to be held after the end of the main session of the UPE. Estimated dates are from 15 to 30 June. There are no strict restrictions at the moment, but the graduates were asked to adhere to quarantine restrictions and comply with all additional measures – distances and masks, if possible, limit themselves to the minimum number of participants.

Each school and each city has the right to independently choose the format of the prom, and many have declared their readiness to celebrate graduation in the fresh air so that parents can also be present.

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COVID certificates

The first covid passports are planned to be issued at the end of June. Such a document will allow Ukrainians to visit EU countries, as well as travel to resorts without mandatory PCR tests to enter the country.

The process of developing and implementing passports is still ongoing, but as noted by Olga Stefanishina, Deputy Prime Minister for European and Euro-Atlantic Integration of Ukraine, at the end of June the first certificates will already be received.

They will be in two forms – digital and paper.

New rules for drivers

From June 1, new rules for drivers of large-sized vehicles will operate on the roads of Ukraine. They will affect those who drive vehicles with an actual weight of over 24 tonnes and an axle load of more than 7 tonnes.

For such cars, a seasonal restriction is introduced and travel on state roads in the daytime will be prohibited if the air temperature rises above +28 degrees.

An exception will be made only for those trucks that transport: animals and birds, perishable food, dangerous goods or goods that are related to the prevention or elimination of the consequences of emergencies.


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