All eyes on Pirelli for the second leg at Silverstone


The second double on the same circuit of the 2020 Formula 1 season will have the bombastic name of 70th Anniversary Grand Prize. Not surprisingly, Silverstone, the former airfield from where the RAF planes departed to fight the Junkers Ju 87 or Stukas during World War II, was converted into a circuit around which the entire motorsports industry in Great Britain was created. and, specifically, of what is now the Formula 1 World Championship.

Few nationalities more given to boast of their history than the British (and more specifically, the English) and few better scenarios to host a new battle. What happened last Sunday in the last laps (but not only) is being the subject of much speculation and glances towards him. Pirelli’s ‘motorhome’, signaled by tires that disintegrated in three of the five cars that led the last two laps.

The surprising thing is that it caught them by surprise, precisely. Silverstone is one of the circuits where lateral movements make the tires suffer more. This is not the first time that punctures have caused incidents: it is worth remembering what happened in 2017, when the two Ferraris had an unexpected puncture when they had already had more than 30 laps.

From Pirelli return responsibility to teams. It’s not that they had short-lived tires (in fact, it was the hardest combination of their five compounds), but that the teams were overly optimistic. The second Safety Car did a few extra laps at low speed, which changed the behavior of the tires for the rest of the test. If Hamilton, Bottas, Sainz as before Kvyat and almost Verstappen (he entered the pits, sacrificing his victory on the road, with a literally cracked tire) had problems and punctures, it was precisely because they stretched the life of the tire more than it should have. Lasted. In other words: they went over optimistic.

What has raised not a little debate is that Lewis Hamilton managed to win the British Grand Prix on three wheels. Such a feat, in which both the driver and his track engineer Peter Bonnington showed a temperance that many politicians would like in the middle of crisis management, showed that they are going in another league. If not even a puncture can prevent him from being defeated, how can his rivals hope to bring down the more than likely seven-time British world champion?

To add more excitement to this weekend, Pirelli you have not rectified your initial decision to lower the hardness of your compounds one degree this weekend. If at the British Grand Prix they carried the C5, C4 and C3, at the 70th Anniversary Grand Prix they will be C4, C3 and C2. If anyone risks using the toughest compound this weekend for more than 30 laps, he must face the possible consequences.

Sainz feels the pressure from Norris

The other major victim of the explosive outcome of the first race at Silverstone was Carlos Sainz. Emotionally very touched, the future Ferrari driver is in a critical situation for his aspirations, given that in the first four rounds of the championship luck has not accompanied him, far from it, while his teammate Lando Norris is shining with his own light .

The young Brit is sweet. Three ‘top 5’ in four races that have taken him to fourth in the World Championship ahead of Charles Leclerc, a podium included in the first round of the championship. The feeling that the ‘sorpasso’ on Sainz can be confirmed this weekend It is not something alien to the Spanish pilot, aware that he does not just adapt to the MCL35 with the same ease as his partner.

Sainz occupies the tenth place in the general classification, among the Renault. A fifth, two ninths and the ‘zero’ of the first date Great Britain seem like a poor booty for their aspirations, although the Madrilenian removes responsibility by remembering the external factors that have caused these results. “Bad pit stops in Hungary and Austria, Silverstone’s fourth place that got away. There are many points thrown, but this sport is like that. I believe that this frustrating streak is going to end quickly and that we will finish in those six or seven first places again, “wished the Madrilenian.

To a large extent, the resolution of the dispute against Racing Point that will be resolved in these days. This same Friday, according to some sources, a sentence can be passed on whether the RP20 is really a painted 2019 Mercedes or if it is legal. If it were the former and they were forced to change critical parts such as the brake taps (which are the ones Renault has chosen for its protests), it may be over with seeing Lance Stroll upstairs or Nico Hülkenberg (Sergio Pérez is still pending to give negative in the coronavirus test that allows him to return) to shine again in positions where his presence, to all eyes, screeches.


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