All concert dates in the province of Avellino.

Music what a passion! With the arrival of summer, there are many concerts organized in the province of Avellino. There will be lots of live music, almost always free, in the squares, clubs and halls of almost all the municipalities of Avellino.

For lovers of the genre, an opportunity to spend evenings in the name of good quality live music.

Here is a constantly updated list of concerts, almost all free, scheduled in the Irpinia squares tonight, tomorrow, in the next few days, over the weekend and in the next weeks of summer 2022.

Concerts in June 2022

  • June 27 Solofra International Music Festival in Piazza San Michele with ANDREA SANNINOItalian singer and songwriter, J LordItalian / Neapolitan rap style and Barbara Tuckera true symbol of house music

Concerts in July 2022

In the province of Avellino, July will be a month full of concerts. Let’s find out together.

  • 02 July PAU Flumeri Dogana Aragonese – historical voice of Negrita (one of the most long-lived and influential rock groups of the last years of the Italian music scene) will perform in Dj Set, for a night of dancing, in a fusion of rock, reggae, patchanka and funky in full Negrita style. As support will open the evening Malbianco, who will present their new album, Indie Elettro Rock! Opening at 20:00, Live start 21:30 – Admission € 3 in support of Dogana Factory, subject to availability. It is possible to book to avoid queues at the entrance, just fill in the form you find on the website
  • 03 July TONY ESPOSITO Hamlet of Sabina – Aiello del Sabato
  • 07 July GIGIONE San Mango Sul Calore – Musical Evening at 9.00 pm at the Rera Caffè Bar in via Vittorio Veneto, 51 San Mango Sul Calore (AVELLINO)
  • 09 July NINO BUONOCORE Nusco
  • 09 July RFC Flumeri Aragonese Customs
  • 10th of July SUD SOUND SYSTEM theory
  • July 15 in Candida at Tenute Casoli, ‘Jazz under the Stars’ with the Jazz notes of the Spaghetti Style
  • July 16 in Candida at Tenute Casoli, ‘Jazz under the Stars’ with the band Unconventional e Raffaele Ranieri.
  • July 17 ENZO AVITABILE Melito Irpino – Melito Music Festival The appointment is at Parco Rinascita, at 21:30. Admission is free.
  • July 30 ENZO GRAGNANIELLO Lioni – Highland lights
  • July 31 GIGIONE Calabritto – 9.00 pm for the “Feast in honor of San Giuseppe”

Concerts month of August 2022

Still many concerts in the square in the province of Avellino. For those who love live music, an opportunity to spend evenings full of joy and good humor. Among the musical events of the month, the XXVI edition of theAriano Folkfestival – Be sensible, which will be held from 18 to 21 August.

  • 01 August SAL DA VINCI Volturara Irpina
  • 02 August THE KOLORS in Avellino – The Kolors are an Italian musical group formed in Naples in 2010 and composed of Antonio Stash Fiordispino, Alex Fiordispino and Daniele Mona. They became known in 2015 by winning the fourteenth edition of the talent show Amici di Maria De Filippi.
  • 04 August IVAN GRANATINO Baiano – Granatino one of the most modern and representative voices of the Neapolitan music scene. Colleague and collaborator of artists such as Clementino and Club Dogo, his unmistakable style brings together R & B, rap, dance and pop-rock to the melodies of the Neapolitan tradition.
  • 08 August FRANCO RICCIARDI Vallesaccarda – Franco Ricciardi, pseudonym of Francesco Liccardo, is an Italian singer, songwriter and actor. In 2014 he won the David di Donatello for the best original song with the song ‘A truth, from the film Song’e Napule.
  • 08 August GIANNI CELESTE Flumeri – Gianni Celeste, pseudonym of Giovanni Grasso, is an Italian neo-melodic singer-songwriter
  • 08 August GIGIONE in Lacedonia Party in the square
  • 09 August COUNTRY COUSINS Torre le Nocelle ore 21.00
  • 10 August 24 GRANA Baronia Castle
  • August 12 TONY TAMMARO Sturno ore 22.00
  • August 13 WITHOUT BORDER Fontanarosa Piazza Cristo Re 11.00 pm – Sine Frontera are an Italian musical group born in 2001. They are originally from Mantua
  • August 14 ENZO GRAGNANIELLO Fontanarosa
  • August 14 ROBY FACCHINETTI Teora in Largo Europa at 10.00 pm
  • August 15th EUGENIO BENNATO Baronia Castle
  • August 17th TIROMANCINO Lioni at 21.00
  • August 31 FRANCO RICCIARDI lauro
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Concerts in September 2022

  • 08 September RED CANZIAN Calitri

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