All benefits for large families will remain

13:47 27 April 2022

Changes will only be made to government regulations.

All benefits for children from large families will be preserved in the new edition of the Education Code. Yelena Simakova, chief specialist of the Department of Social, Educational and Ideological Work of the Main Department of Educational Work and Youth Policy of the Ministry of Education, told about this at a press conference “State Support for Large and Young Families in Belarus. Benefits and Social Guarantees in 2022”, BelTA has learned.

“Traditionally, in the education system, families with many children have benefits for paying for children’s food both in preschool institutions and in institutions of general secondary education. In addition, there is a benefit to reduce fees for using textbooks by 50%,” the chief specialist recalled.

Speaking about the changes in the new edition of the Education Code, she noted that the main benefits for large families will remain. Changes will be made only to the government decrees themselves, which regulate the procedure for catering and the procedure for paying parents for this food. It is also planned to make universal benefits for paying for food at various levels of education (preschool, general secondary), since now they have some features.

“Taking into account the fact that from January 1, 2022, changes were made to decrees and resolutions on the provision of family capital, families with many children can use this capital to receive higher and secondary specialized education on a paid basis both in state educational institutions and in educational institutions consumer cooperation and the Federation of Trade Unions of Belarus,” Elena Simakova explained.

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She stated that the rules on the use of funds from family capital for education by members of large families upon reaching the age of 18 have not changed. “It will be possible to direct these funds for education in any institution, including private universities,” the chief specialist concluded.

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