Alice Schwarzer: “I often think: How did I get that …

The Austrian Sabine Derflinger (“Die Dohnal”, “Vorstadtweiber”) is making a movie about Alice Schwarzer. A conversation on the fringes of filming about working on the film, the importance of self-criticism in such a project and the state of the women’s movement.

In this episode:

Anna Wallner talks to Alice Schwarzer and Sabine Derflinger about the joint documentary about Alice Schwarzer, which is currently being shot and should be released in cinemas in spring 2022.

The legendary WDR appearance by Alice Schwarzer with Esther Vilar on February 6, 1945.

Alice Schwarzer, born December 1942 in Wuppertal, grew up out of wedlock with her grandparents. In 1963 she went to Paris, became a journalist and author. In 1975 “The Small Difference” was published. In 1977 she founded the feminist monthly magazine “Emma”.

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Sabine Derflinger.Caio Kauffmann


Sabine Derflinger.Caio Kauffmann

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“Presse Play – What will become important” is the news podcast of the Austrian daily newspaper “Die Presse”. It appears five times a week, from Tuesday to Saturday, every morning at 6 am. The host is Anna Wallner.
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Graph: David Jablonski.

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