Alghero: for 4 days in a ditch of the 127 bis the remains of a dog hit by a car

From Saturday morning the carcass of a dog killed by a car on the 127 Bis, just before the entrance to Carrabuffas on the Alghero – Sassari, lies in a ditch in conditions of evident decay. Nobody removes it. Yet all the institutional references that have direct or indirect competence on a situation of this kind are informed of the presence of the decaying animal. In fact, the Ecology sector of the Municipality, the Forest Guard, the Compagnia dei Barracelli, the Municipal Police are aware of the episode, but it seems that the basic problem is the removal of the carcass. Who is it for? While waiting for a meeting point to be found on the subject, the remains of the animal remain under the sun, it is not a beautiful sight, and, after 4 days, they begin to represent a situation that is not exactly edifying on the ability of the animals to intervene. public institutions in such cases. Among other things, it should not be overlooked that the episode also constitutes a serious health and hygiene problem.


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