Alfredo Del Mazo delivers Youth on the Move cards in Edomex

Within the framework of the delivery of the Bonding Building of the Tecnológico de Estudios Superiores de Valle de Bravo, the Governor of the State of Mexico, Alfredo Del Mazo Maza, awarded more than 6 thousand cards of the program “Strong Families: Young People in Movement Edomex” as part of the incentives for educational continuity, which are offered in the entity.

At the Valle de Bravo Higher Studies Technological facilities, the Mexican president stressed that this scheme Its purpose is to provide financial support to the young people of the entity who can use it for transportation, their expenses for education or whatever they need and with this they can continue with their educational training.

“There is no better investment that they can make than to continue training, to continue preparing, and to those who have reached their higher education, including they are already in a position of opportunity, of advantage, compared to many young people who are left on the road“, he pointed.

More than 549 thousand scholarships

During this event in which cards of this program were awarded to young people from at least 19 municipalities in that region of the entity, including:

  • Valle de Bravo, Almoloya de Alquisiras, Amanalco, Calimaya, Donato Guerra, Ixtapan del Oro, Joquicingo, Luvianos, Otzoloapan, San Antonio la Isla, Rayón, San Simón de Guerrero, Santo Tomás, Sultepec, Tejupilco, Temascaltepec, Tenango del Valle, Texcaltitlán, Villa de Allende, Zacazonapan, the Mexican governor reiterated that education is a priority in the entityAn example of this is that more than 549 thousand young people have received a scholarship, of which more than 100 thousand are focused on higher education students. Of this total, the president pointed out, at least 7 out of 10 scholarships have been awarded to women.

“More and more women continue to prepare, who continue to fight, who continue to strive, who want more opportunities, that’s why We are very pleased that we can support you through these programs”.

School dropout

One of the main challenges, he added, is school dropout, which increased as a result of the covid-19 pandemic, an example of this is that at the national level 7 out of 10 young people between 15 and 25 years of age do not they were studying, while in the case of the entity, this indicator was present in 5 out of 10 young people between 15 and 25 years of age.

Accompanied by the Secretaries of Education and Social Development, Gerardo Monroy Serrano and Eric Sevilla Montes de Oca, the State Executive explained that of every 100 boys and girls who start their preschool education, only 21 complete their higher education and of these, only 17 graduate.

“Programs like this help us to have this support, this help so that they do not leave their studies and continue training, so we are very pleased that today they receive this program and many congratulations to all the young people who today have this opportunity to join the Youth on the Move program ”, he stressed.

Delivery of work

In this framework, the governor of the entity also delivered the rehabilitation and expansion works of the Bonding Building of the Valle de Bravo Higher Education Technology, which has been in service for more than 22 years, training young people from that region of the entity.

So far in the state administration, he pointed out, more than 246 works have been carried out in higher education institutions, expanding the number of classrooms, laboratories, workshops and having new schools.

3.5 million students in classrooms

The Mexican president pointed out that, since the beginning of classes, on August 30, in the state more than 3.5 million students have joined face-to-face classes, of the 4.5 that exist in the entity.

“We call on all young people, families who still do not have their children in school to return, to return to schools, we are making very good progress in vaccination, which was an important issue.”

Stated that In the next few days, the vaccination of all those over 18 years of age will be concluded and in the next few days the application of the first dose for adolescents of between 15 and 17 years.

IMEJ serves more than 200 thousand young people

During her message, the general director of the Instituto Mexiquense de la Juventud (IMEJ), Ana Karen Guadarrama Santamaría, pointed out that Through this program the aim is to help the Mexican youth not to give up, and continue preparing, contributing to the economy of the students.

This program, he pointed out, will be binding and will take a dual model, that is, it is intended that young people who are beneficiaries and can perform their social service or professional practices, are linked with the entity’s business sector.

Through his various activities, he added, the IMEJ serves more than 200 thousand young people on a monthly basisAn example of this is the “Cascarita Mexiquense” tournament, in which more than 5,000 young people participate.



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