Alexander Kirk, the ‘Captain’ of the Toronto fleet

In four years, Alejandro Kirk climbed from the lower divisions of the Toronto Blue Jays at Big leagues. Benefited from the extension of the rosters due to the pandemic in 2020, the Tijuana-born man fought through AA and AAA to reach the maximum requirement directly.

As the waters resume their course this year, Kirk showed up to spring training looking to earn a spot on the team, although the competition is extreme between all who want to be one of the two. catchers from Toronto.

“I had a very big jump, at the beginning the speed of the game was felt a lot, in the Major Leagues it is very fast, there is a lot of information, but we knew how to handle it little by little with the help of the coaches, the same pitchersFrom the veteran people, right now I have felt very good and I hope the opportunity is given, ”explains Kirk to Indigo Report in a virtual conference.

Named “Captain Kirk”, Like the character in the Star Trek series, the Mexican catcher raises his hand to be one of the leaders of a generation of young players, some of them descendants of baseball players that they were figures a few decades ago, and that the Blue Jays return to fight for the title.


Home runs has connected Alejandro Kirk in spring training

“As we all say, money does not matter here, you have to go out and play and win, we have a very young team, very brave in all aspects, we have a ‘bullpen“Pretty good, a very good line-up that will try to win every day,” he adds.

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Alejandro’s response goes in the sense of being able to compete against teams of his same division that have vast economic resources to forge their roster, such as the New York Yankees o go Boston Red Soxas well as a low-key but dominant team in recent years like the Tampa Bay Rays.

Kirk has had outstanding performances in his first appearances on MLB and in his performances of this “Spring Training”, and if he manages to stay on the main roster, he will join the talent of the “juniors”, along with Bo Bichette, Vladimir Guerrero, Cavan Biggio and Lourdes Gurriel, who are the future of this institution and that they have reached out to Mexican.

“I get along very well with Gurriel, he has helped me a lot, last year he was the one who shook my hand when I first came up, I feel very good with him, he has supported me with advice off the field and on the inside, that’s what has helped me feel in trust with everyone, ”he says.

A demanding position for Alejandro Kirk

With Danny Jansen practically the starting catcher for Toronto, Alejandro Kirk fights head-on with Reese McGuire Y Riley Adams to stay with the other place behind the plate, so the Mexican assures that he is waiting for the team to determine what role he will have, and no matter where he has to be, “throw the kilos” at every opportunity.

To be at the height of the requirementsKirk made some decisions about the weaknesses he discovered in his playing, in order to be competitive in spring camp.

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“It is a very demanding position, obviously my weight did not favor me and I decided to discipline myself a little, lose weight, a few kilos, and I feel very good behind the plate, I feel very good batting, catching, very agile ”, says Alex, without this reduction in size representing him having lost power with the wood.

Admirer of Iker Franco Y Yadier Molina, Kirk wants him to turn more to Mexico, where there are quality receivers to play in the Major Leagues, as those who have gone across the border to receive pitches behind the plate have shown.

Likewise, the Tijuana native admits that he would like to forge a successful career that allows him to become an admirable figure and an example to follow for children who dream of achieving Big leagues.

“It is one of my dreams, to inspire all those children, it is something very beautiful, it feels very good that they send you messages at social media, or that children ask you for autographs, photos, I like it and it motivates me more to continue doing my job ”.

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