Alès: a driver hits two police officers after an open chase in the city


The two police officers were taken to the Alès hospital center on Saturday evening. A suspect would be actively sought.

This Saturday at the end of the afternoon, a crew of three police officers on patrol came across a motorist in a Peugeot 306 going down the rue d’Avéjan in the forbidden direction. At the sight of the police, the man backs up, gets back in the right direction of traffic.

When the police try to control him, the individual fled at high speed. A chase begins in the city center, around the cathedral and in the streets Audibert and de la Meunière. The driver almost crushed the people in front of the cathedral.

Open tomb

A vehicle parked in the Audibert district is even hit. Its owner went to the police station to file a complaint. The driver then headed for the temple, still open tomb, before entering the quays along the Gardon to reach Rochebelle.

In this district, the individual finds himself blocked by traffic in the roundabout of Saint-Jean-du-Pin. The police decide to take him upside down to block the driver, but the latter collides with the police vehicle. Thinking this time the individual stopped, the agents get out of their vehicle to proceed to his arrest.

Against all expectations, the recalcitrant motorist, backs up, and starts off with a bang. He climbs onto the sidewalk and rushes at a policewoman and her colleague. The two officers only have time to pull away and curl up to avoid the car. The policewoman is still affected.

Miraculously, she only suffers from multiple bruises. His colleague is injured in the arm. Both were taken to Alès hospital, while the search was undertaken to find the driver.

An actively wanted suspect

Damaged, the 306 was abandoned in front of the church of Rochebelle. The individual continued his flight on foot through the narrow streets of the neighborhood.

The municipal police of Alès mobilized several agents to participate in the search and has video images of the entire sequence. A suspect would be actively sought. The police officers of the forensic identity took various samples from the Peugeot involved in this accident. Legal consequences are to be considered.

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