Alena Terekhova, a student of Suponevskaya School No. 1, received a nominal scholarship in the Diligence and Responsibility nomination – news

It’s nice to receive gifts on the eve of the New Year holidays, but there are people who are more pleasant to give gifts. These include the deputy of the Bryansk District Council of People’s Deputies Sergei Kirikov.

For many years, on the eve of the New Year, Larisa Makeeva, an assistant to a deputy, a member of the presidium of the Russian public and state organization “Child Protection Fund”, comes to Suponevskaya secondary school No. 1 named after Hero of the Soviet Union N.I. Chuvin in order to present gifts and scholarships to students, to congratulate the team on the upcoming holidays. Traditionally, the recipients of nominal scholarships are the best students of the school.

So, a scholarship in the nomination “Diligence and Responsibility” from the deputy of the Bryansk District Council Sergei Kirikov was awarded to the 11th grade student Alena Terekhova. It is pleasant to note that Alena is a member of the large and friendly Belikov-Terekhov family. Nina Viktorovna Belikova, Alena’s grandmother, brought up in her children and grandchildren a sense of responsibility, diligence, diligence, determination, which helped and continue to help them cope with difficulties.

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