Alcalá Board of Directors trusts that Rafa Márquez will be Barcelona coach


The RSD Alcalá board commented on the arrival of Rafael Márquez and they also assure that one day he will train Barcelona.

The Real Sociedad Deportiva Alcalá will be remembered as the first team where Rafael Marquez He worked as a coach, Madrid managers are happy with the presence of the former Barcelona defender and are confident that Marquez Someday he will arrive on the Barça bench, he said so to ESPN Francisco Goya, President of the RSD Alcalá.

“I am convinced that Rafa is going to have a fantastic career as a technician, he is going to gain experience and he is going to work this year with the methodology that we implemented in Alcalá at the hands of Jorge Martín, I am convinced that the career of Rafa Márquez As a coach he will be prolific, I am convinced that Rafa will end up training Barcelona or the Mexican national team at some point. “

“The experience that being on the football field gives you is everything and he is also a charismatic person, he is a person who catches you with his speech, he is also a close person, personable, who convinces you, who transmits you and I I think he will get very high, I am convinced that in Barcelona or surely in the Mexican team they will enjoy his talent sooner or later. “

Francisco Goya consider that Marquez He is on the right track by directing youth players before starting a heavier team, just as the Real Madrid coach did at the time Zinedine Zidane.

“Zidane also when he started one of the first things he said was that as a coach he did not know anything, everything he did as a player helps him to know a bit what a dressing room is like inside and how to handle himself but obviously as a coach he is different, I think than Rafa you have to acquire that, the experience you have as a player has to know how to transmit it and that is not always easy, it is not just reaching out and putting 11 children to play in a way, you have to transmit the ideas to show them how you want to play I think that Rafa He is going to do fantastically well and I am convinced that we will see him soon in important things and high level clubs in Europe. “

Finally the President of the Alcala hope that when Marquez Reach the top of Europe as a coach, don’t forget the club you first coached.

“I think it is going to be an anecdote that we will be able to tell someday, saying look there you have Rafa Márquez who came to train Barcelona or who was champion with him Barcelona and then he was with the Mexican team but let no one forget that the first team he led Rafa Márquez was the cadet of the Royal Sports Society AlcalaI am sure that he, also because of the closeness we have seen and the affection with which he has received the project, I am sure that he will always say that his beginnings were here in the Alcala, a situation that is historical for us and it will be a pride to be part of its history “, he concluded Francisco Goya for ESPN.


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