Alberto Salaorni & Al-B.Band in concerto al Floor

Spring is in the air and Alberto Salaorni & Al-B.Band continue to give emotions and good music to all those who especially at the weekend want to stay up late with friends in exceptional locations, perhaps singing and moving in time. Friday 18 March they give their sound to the Friday Dinner Show and after dinner on the Bardolino Floor (VR, via G. Marconi 14, info 340 6272687). The Al-B.Band offers the perfect sound to start listening to live music and singing with friends in total safety. Their repertoire, always capable of surprising, appeals to people of all ages… also because when they go on stage they always know how to make a difference.

The AL-B.Band is a musical formation capable of unleashing all types of public. For 15 years their concerts have entertained Italy and beyond. In summary, I’ve been on tour for a lifetime. Their slogan is: “live music is back in fashion”, or (beautiful) live music is back in fashion. Once experienced, a concert by this Veronese formation is difficult to forget. Led by Alberto Salaorni, they never have a defined lineup. They move from song to song depending on the atmosphere and audience feedback. And their choices are always original. For example, the Al-B.Band rarely re-proposes the songs of Vasco Rossi and Ligabue, preferring those of Battisti, Mina or the great hits of the 70s, with the result that the sound of this formation is very original, a very rare feature in the panorama. music of these years. On stage with Alberto Salaorni (guitar and vocals), in no particular order, there are usually: Irene De Pacalis (vocals), Davide Rossi (bass), Andrea Mai (keyboards), Luca Modena (drums and percussion). Sometimes other music professionals too. Periodically Al-B.Band records and publishes original songs, many of which are included in the “Megaphone” album available on all digital platforms (for example Spotify) and on CD.

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