Albert of Monaco opens up about raising his twins and Charlene ‘still tired at times’

Prince Albert II returned to the columns of Monaco Morning on the education of his children. The opportunity also to discuss the health of his wife Charlene, recovering for many months last year.

He very rarely speaks. Albert II of Monaco has agreed to confide in a few secrets, on the occasion of the National Day of the Rock on November 19. In the pages of Monaco Morning , the 64-year-old sovereign prince returned to the education provided to his twins Jacques and Gabriella, the fruit of his union with the former South African swimmer Charlene Wittstock. “With Princess Charlene, we try to inculcate in our two children the values ​​that seem essential to us. They are going to be 8 years old, they are still young but are progressing a lot in terms of maturity and awakening to the world”, he says. “It’s amazing for any parent to watch their children grow up.”

As hereditary prince, Jacques will one day take over from his father. And Albert II assures him: he is already forging him for his future profession of sovereign, to which his own father Prince Rainier III once initiated him. “Of course we have to train Jacques and prepare him little by little for his future functions”, underlines the descendant of the Grimaldi dynasty. “It’s a whole set of knowledge, information, behaviors to have. It is also teaching by example. It is also necessary to make them aware of what the Principality is, what it represents and what we would like to do with it, to make it even more attractive, to make it even more meaningful in its relationship with other countries.

A pair to govern Monaco?

What will be the place of Gabriella in this future? Albert II insists on recalling it: “Jacques is the hereditary prince.” That said, his twin will indeed have a role to play in the principality. “She needs to be as seasoned as possible to help her brother. Gabriella has an important role to play, supporting and sharing some responsibilities. They are already very close, very accomplices. We must not make too much differentiation for the moment, it will come in small steps.

Charlene still “tired at times”

The prince also took advantage of this interview with the press to discuss the return to public life of his wife. “I am very happy that her health has been restored, that she can take part in many events in the Principality with responsibilities at the Red Cross, at the SPA, at the head of her foundation but also with other charities. » However, Charlene of Monaco would remain “tired at times”. “We must give him a little more time to find himself and make other commitments. But she will take them!”

The unexpected complicity of Prince Albert II and Charlene of Monaco

Last year, rumors of a potential divorce were indeed rife since the long absence of the Princess of Monaco, suffering from an ENT infection which kept her in South Africa for several months. She was subsequently admitted to a specialized establishment in Switzerland, for “physical and emotional exhaustion”. In an interview given to Sunday newspaper in June, Albert of Monaco said he was “hurt by the malicious rumors that have been peddled” about his wife’s absence for ten months, explaining that it was the “most beautiful thing” to have her from again by his side.

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