“Alassane Ouattara in his false works …”


Alassane Ouattara in his false works …”An update on Guillaume Soro’s Facebook page. This, following the declaration of the candidate of the RDR according to which, President Affi would have promised him to be at his side, today, in Bongouanou.

“False” statement…

During the closing meeting of his pre-campaign in Moronou, which he held this Saturday in Bongouanou, Alassane Ouattara, the RDR candidate declared: ‘Affi had promised to be there. I regret his absence ‘… President Affi, FPI presidential candidate next October, is surprised that the head of state, RDR candidate, could make such a false statement…“, Regrets the communication service.

A man of state”

And to continue: “On August 25, two weeks before the political tour disguised as a state visit of the RDR candidate in Moronou, President Affi had publicly announced during a press conference that he would not be present in Bongouanou for receive it. Where does it come from that Mr. Ouattara wants to believe that President Affi would have made him the promise of his presence by his side? President Affi is known on the Ivorian political scene for his seriousness, his consistency and his consistency. He is a statesman who, unlike others, keeps his promises. He is clearly not one who denies their own word“.


For all practical purposes, President Affi who is currently absent from the country was represented at the highest level by his National Campaign Director and the 1st Vice-President of the Party for the nomination of Candidate Konan Bedié who formally did so. invited, both in his capacity as President of the FPI and candidate for the presidential election. As a consequence of all the above, President Affi invites the RDR / RHDP candidate not to falsely ascribe to him intentions and recommends that he campaign with a minimum of political elegance and truth.“, We read on the Facebook page of opponent of Outtara.

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