AK demand implemented: elementary education can be funded again through a grant for skilled workers

Linz (OTS) The corona crisis and its consequences have shown how important an affordable, comprehensive and all-day child education is: It is not only the basis for parents with care responsibilities to be able to actively pursue a job, but also important for an educationally valuable education of children . This requires more elementary educators who have been trained under the best possible framework conditions. The (re-) inclusion of elementary education in the list of training programs that can be funded for a specialist grant is an important step towards more quality childcare and education. Only this coverage enables many to think about such training and a professional reorientation and covers the cost of living during this time“, Said AK President Dr. Johann Kalliauer.

In 2013, the Skilled Workers Scholarship (FKS) was introduced – a long-term requirement of the AK Upper Austria was met. Employees on parental leave and jobseekers can claim this scholarship under certain conditions. For training courses lasting up to three years, this means monthly support in the amount of the unemployment benefit due or emergency assistance for the unemployed, but at least EUR 31.70 per day. In addition, you have health, accident and pension insurance during this time. Training in “shortage occupations” or according to the training list, the catching up of apprenticeship qualifications and selected qualifications in vocational middle and higher schools (mainly in the technical field) as well as selected qualifications in the health and social sector are funded. After all, around 750 people in Upper Austria took advantage of such a scholarship last year, 80 percent completed training or retraining in the health and social sectors. When the specialist scholarship was introduced, elementary education colleges could be funded. However, this option was later canceled for inexplicable reasons.

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In the future, the scholarship should be further developed in the amount of a living wage into a qualification allowance with legal entitlement for employees and jobseekers who are willing to continue their education. The top priority must be a long-term safeguarding of the skilled worker scholarship or a qualification allowance, because currently training can only be completed by 31.12. Will start in 2022n “, said AK President Dr. Johann Kalliauer.

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