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The popular feeling holds that owing to their 99-yr lease, older HDB residences are envisioned to go through far more depreciation than more recent kinds. For numerous home owners, it’s a excellent purpose to provide and upgrade early.

It was also a major issue of on the internet discussion in 2018 when Minister Khaw Boon Wan mentioned that even 50-calendar year-previous apartments may well like it. But how accurate is all this? We did some excavations:


We looked at all transaction data from January 2021 to November 2021 (incomplete knowledge for November 2021).

Up coming, we appeared at the real transaction selling prices of the residences in the unique ages and plotted them. Ultimately, we appeared at the remaining lease cost and investigated how it differs from theoretical pricing habits.

Take note, on the other hand, that this analyze only compares age and price. It does not choose into account the posture. As a consequence, there may well be “more mature” qualities that are only observed in much better destinations, so the area factor helps to maintain the selling prices a lot more than the more recent flats.

To greater address this difficulty, all transactions are as a substitute used in the hope that the aggregated knowledge paints a sufficiently accurate image.

The usually acknowledged idea of leasehold depreciation charges

The Bala curve is the most commonly utilised system to measure the price of 3rd get together assets. This strategy ties the worth of the lease to a share of its ownership counterpart, with acceleration of depreciation in direction of the finish of the lease.

For illustration, in accordance to the curve, a new rental residence (99 many years old) is valued at 96 per cent of the equivalent owned land.

When 49 yrs of leasing continue being, the price is expected to be all around 74.1 percent of the equal owned land.

With 30 years remaining, the values ​​drop to 60 percent, and so on. The discount amount utilized in the Bala curve is approximately 3.5 for each cent which was chosen as it is the medium-time period curiosity rate of the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) utilised in the calculation of the Whole Personal debt Servicing Ratio ( TDSR) for serious estate financial loans.

Observe that the depreciation is not linear, forming an inverted U shape on a chart. This is due to the time price of revenue the initially 5 years of the lease are thus worthy of additional than the very last 5 years.

Even though the Bala curve can not be used virtually in every scenario, it is the greatly recognized design of how a rental property depreciates about time.

At this phase, we should issue out that the depreciation fee is not so a lot the objective here – irrespective of the price (until it is ), prices would decrease at a steeper amount as the many years go by. This is primarily what pursuits us.

Do we see the exact variety of depreciation in HDB apartments as they get more mature?

Remarkably, the reply we acquired was no. One particular would hope that as a home ages, price ranges really should fall speedier more than time. For that reason, if we ended up to plot HDB costs throughout various age types, we should expect to see a curve very similar to the Bala curve.

Nevertheless, in accordance to our effects, older apartments do not look to reduce any far more income than new ones.

To derive this, we as opposed transaction details from January 2021 to November 2021. We then plotted transaction charges for flats of different ages to look at rate actions.

We then checked irrespective of whether it corresponded to the Bala curve. This is what we located:


The charts previously mentioned present a scatter chart of transactions of diverse sorts of flats at distinct ages.

You would see that the polynomial craze line follows much more or a linear to inverted U curve, which signifies that the selling price reduction is the similar or slows down as it gets older. This is opposed to the inverted U acceleration of the Bala curve.

While selling prices drop as the lease falls, the depreciation is nowhere in the vicinity of as rapid as the Bala curve implies. For 5-place apartments in unique, common price ranges for more mature apartments even look to defy depreciation and may possibly price more than more recent counterparts.

This is significantly apparent in some “prestigious” neighborhoods, this kind of as Marine Parade. There are unquestionably other factors at perform right here.

Price tag for remaining lease

A different way to look at HDB prices is to see what its remaining lease selling price is. This is accomplished by using the value of the condominium and dividing it by the remaining a long time of its lease.

Since of the way charges depreciate (slower at initially, speedier later), the price for every remaining rental boosts slower in the early part of its daily life than thereafter. This is what it appears to be like like in principle based on a 3.5% depreciation rate:


About time, the remaining rental selling price increases. Take into account an condominium with a theoretical benefit of $ 500,000:

Implementing the Bala curve, the average cost for each lease, among six and 10 a long time, is about $ 5,436. In between the ages of 46 and 50, the ordinary is anticipated to increase to $ 8,388, or about 54%.

On the other hand, we observed that the improve (using facts from 4-home flats traded involving January and November 2021) went from $ 5,978 per remaining agreement to $ 8,178 for each remaining contract more than the very same age common.

This is an enhance of about 37 percent, a lot less than 54 per cent as the theoretical design indicates.


This indicates that the benefit retention of HDB flats, as they age, is far greater than the typically employed product. This indicates that the selling price for the remaining lease may possibly be substantially better than the common consensus delivers.

So, while older HDB apartments absolutely depreciate, the charge is substantially slower than we would have predicted.

Why could this occur?

  • Our observations are not locale particular
  • Scholarships do not transform for more mature flats
  • It could be connected to the demographics of the buyer

1. Our reviews are not area certain

Owing to practical limitations, we were being unable to derive observations dependent on distinct properties. This gap could make clear why some older residences, such as these in Marine Parade, are able to defy depreciation.


A experienced estate has far more attractiveness, as there are more shops, eating places, and at times transportation hubs. Bishan or Queenstown, for example, have additional companies than Sengkang on Punggol.

On top of that, some estates are additional central than other people. Residences in the central space, residences in Toa Payoh, and many others. are in better need than most flats in marginal locations.

For these factors, a centrally located, or mature, apartment could have major attractiveness in spite of its clear age.

2. Scholarships do not modify for more mature residences

No matter of no matter if an apartment is 10 or 40 decades outdated, a buyer will get the same $ 20,000 CPF Housing Grant and other Increased Housing Grant (EHG) amounts that they qualify for.

Given that these subsidies are preset, but older flats have a tendency to be more affordable, the subsidies soak up a more substantial share of the rate in more mature apartments. that is, a $ 20,000 grant for a new $ 500,000 apartment absorbs 4% of the price tag.

For an older condominium in the similar place, amortized at $ 400,000, the similar grant of $ 20,000 absorbs five % of the rate.

This can help retain need for older flats and could support gradual down depreciation.

3. It could be relevant to the demographics of the consumer

We are unable to dismiss that most of the potential buyers of these older flats are not young Singaporeans. They are frequently seniors and retirees, who are on the very last leg of their journey on the home. This has two implications:

To start with, the condominium they are obtaining is destined to past until finally the close of their lifetime. There is minor issue for resale worth, as they really don’t see these flats getting bought in their lifetime.


This means that if they uncover an condominium they feel at ease with, they may possibly have no problem paying out Income More than Valuation (COV). All that issues is that the residual lease can very last their yrs and if they are 70, for example, it will not make any difference if the condominium is 40.

Also, for a lot of older Singaporeans, the apartment may perhaps not get legacy setting up much into account. This is since Singapore has a pretty higher dwelling possession rate of above 90%.

By the time a pair reaches 70, their kids possibly have a dwelling of their own and are not able to inherit their apartment in any case. This even further lowers the need for long-time period leases or resale earnings.

These older consumers may also want to decide on a experienced or central house for comfort (see point just one), additional supporting demand from customers and slowing the depreciation of these apartments.

Second, older consumers are inclined to accumulate additional personal savings, for illustration in their CPF. They can also be the right dimension, acquiring just offered a rental or even landed residence. This tends to make them improved in a position to manage residences, even those offered very well higher than valuation.

This is not to say that lease termination is not a authentic problem

Once again, we are not stating that it is a very good strategy to get a really aged apartment, or that you can depend on each individual apartment that is growing old to keep its price. Alternatively, our point is just that the depreciation is not as extreme as we may possibly expect it to be.

People who currently have out-of-date flats may perhaps want to study the valuation, as you may possibly be sitting on extra price than you believed.

Also, it reminds you that sometimes, waiting around a few a lot more a long time for the update is not automatically a bad concept (specifically if you need to rack up some savings).

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