“After the shooting they laughed in my face”

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The hunter kills her dog mistaking it for a boar. A fatal animal exchange, a sudden death and a shot that shouldn’t have gone off. We are located at Stoppedin mid-January. Cold climate, a place that should be safe but which proved to be fatal for little Kiran, a dog of about a year and a half. For the sake of hunting, just to have fun catching wild boars, a hunter harnessed his rifle pointing the weapon at the little dog. I shoot him and die. For this drama he calls for justice Francesca Bertolutti, owner of Kiran, originally from Udine and in Fermo for about a year and a half. An opportunity to be in the middle of nature, an unjustly fatal environment for her little dog.

“They ripped a part of me away and never once deigned to contact me to apologize, to say ‘I’m sorry’. I miss her every day. We have 11 dogs that we use in our activities and that live in a fenced area within our land, but 2-3 times a day my partner or I take them for a walk outside, a journey we do every day and which is always within my property. A “sgambata” in which Kiran also participated, who was my dog, as well as being a fundamental member of the group”.

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Nearby, near the site of the shooting, Kiran was passing by. A hunter, looking at the shadow of the dog a few meters away, fired a shot, not caring that there could be anything behind that shadow. Heedless of a thing, the hunter then stopped shooting. A single blow, deaf, with Francesca’s companion and the mistress herself who only after a few minutes realized their little dog’s premature farewell. Another dramatic episode involves an innocent being.

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Hunter kills her dog, the mistress: “They didn’t even apologize to me”

“Nobody from that day to today, has ever picked up the phone to call me and say ‘sorry, it was a mistake’ It is unacceptable to think that there is someone shooting on my property, at lunchtime, in broad daylight”. Francesca and her companion filed a complaint even in the face of the carelessness of the hunters, who didn’t even have the decency to apologize. The two will proceed with both the civil and criminal cases for the crime of animal abuse.

The procedural process, unfortunately, is as long as ever, but there is always a different type of justice that is not understandable to us men, the otherworldly one. Men who will pay, in one way or another, for their sins for having killed, as a hobby, an innocent being, unable to understand the difference between good and evil because the latter case, in the heart of a one-year-old and middle, does not exist. The pain of the masters cannot be compensated by any economic compensation.

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