After Sritex, Pan Brothers Textile Company Turns to be Sued by PKPU

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – The list of names of large companies that have been hit by the storm of the Covid-19 pandemic is growing. After Sritex, textile factory and other domestic textile products, PT Pan Brothers Tbk. is also facing a lawsuit for delaying debt payment obligations or PKPU.

Is PT Maybank Indonesia Tbk. who filed a PKPU against the company coded PBRX shares. Lawsuit filed to the Jakarta District Court last Monday, May 24, 2021 with case number 245/Pdt.Sus-PKPU/2021/PN Jkt.Pst.

In its petition, Maybank asked the jury to grant seven of its applications.

First, granting the PKPU to the Pan Brothers.

Second, to establish Pan Brothers in PKPU status for 45 days from the time the verdict is announced.

Third, appoint a Supervising Judge from the Commercial Judges in the Commercial Court in the Central Jakarta District Court to oversee the process of PKPU Pan Brothers.

Fourth, appoint and appoint Ray Winata, Joel Baner Hendrik Toendan, David Togap Marsaor as the Pan Brothers IPKPU management team.


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